Microsoft Now Scheduling February/March Updates For HTC Surround, Deutsche Telekom And Optus Customers

Eric Hautala over at Windows Phone Blog, posted another update status on devices that are still on hold for the February and/or March updates for Windows Phone 7. Specifically, Microsoft is now scheduling updates for HTC Surround on AT&T, Deutsche Telekom and Optus customers. What this means is carriers mentioned have now finished ‘testing’ the respective update, and Microsoft has received the affirmative on (finally) pushing the update to users via the Zune software.

We’re now scheduling the February and March updates for the HTC Surround on AT&T and for customers of Deutsche Telekom in Europe. We’re also scheduling the March update for Optus customers in Australia.Where’s my phone update? has the latest status.

As Hautala mentions, be sure to check out the ‘Where’s my phone update?‘ page as always to check the progress of your device update.

Any readers out there wait long enough for their update to the HTC Surround (or other carriers), or did you give in and just buy a different Windows Phone 7 device just to receive the update?


  1. RandyFool says

    Im still waiting for the update, however as soon as sprint gets a better wp7 phone im kicken att to the curb. Bah with you att!

  2. brenno says

    I own a Samsung Omnia 7 with Virgin Mobile Australia (basically a subdivision of Optus) and I’m still stuck on 7.7004. was fuming when I learned in march people were already getting nodo, and I nearly sold this phone on eBay…but I’ve kept it because the screen is just so damn impressive,and the venue pro I was looking to replace it with apparently is having some teething issues despite having nodo preloaded. This article is good news for me indeed. It’s may now…I’m looking forward to receiving my FEBRUARY update -_- WP7 is so rare here in AUS, I am not surprised at all that Virgin told me to consult my *manufacturer* of all companies,to check for the updates :P it’s a very different smartphone market down here!
    Can’t wait for the updates.

  3. Peep says

    I’m still patiently waiting for my update. I really have a love hate love relationship with this device. My OS just recently fried and I got a new HTC Surround and I’m optimistic that Microsoft will come through with their promises.

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