Microsoft Not Allowing Other Browsers In Marketplace? [u]

While Microsoft doesn’t explicitly disallow browsers in the WP7 marketplace, a developer duo just got their app rejected for just that reason. Daniel and Katka Vaughan were told that the reason their app wouldn’t be allowed is because “failed testcase 2.1 because its primarily functionality is a web browsing experience.”

Does this mean that Microsoft will start disallowing apps that offer alternatives to officially produced Redmond approved ones? Isn’t this the antithesis of Microsoft’s heavy emphasis on developers?

Unfortunately, we don’t know very much at this juncture, but hopefully more information will come to light, and this isn’t the start of new, more restrictive rules for the WP7 Marketplace.

Update: despite earlier reports to the contrary, Opera will not be producing their browser on WP7 either


  1. Tony says

    Aren’t there already alternate browsers in the Marketplace? That, in and of itself, would make this assertion untrue.

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