Microsoft Nixes MS Points For Windows Phone 7 Games

Joystiq had a big talk with Microsoft about XBox Live integration with Windows Phone 7, and beyond the list of games that everyone seems to have obtained, they also got these little juicy tidbits:

  • When purchasing content, you’ll have the option to either pay the exact amount in cash or add the price of the content to your monthly bill — no Microsoft Points here!
  • Bluetooth gaming adapters aren’t ruled out, so if a dev wants to implement that tech, they can
  • The LG phone did have a QWERTY keyboard, which is available for devs to utilize
  • Xbox Live features will only be available to devs who go through Microsoft to publish the games — Indie Games can still be published on the phone for free or however much those devs want to set the price at
  • Windows Phone 7 will support Mac OS “in some way” and you’ll be able to sideload content onto the device — everything will pretty much be done through Zune
  • Achievements will be capped at 200 Gamerscore per game — it’s up to devs to come up with the specific Achievement conditions, obviously

Not having to use MS Points to buy stuff? That’s great! It’s been pretty well shown that by using “points” instead of straight out charging for content, people feel removed from the purchase, and are likely to spend more. Hardware support will also be a major boon for gamers.

[via Computer And Videogames]

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