Microsoft Launches Windows Phone 7.8 Page – Hands On With Windows Phone 7.8 Start Screen Available


In a quick post by Ben Rudolph over at the Windows Phone Blog, he provides a hands on video with the new Windows Phone 7.8 start screen (early build) and an announcement for the new page.

Rudolph snuck over into the engineering building at Microsoft and found a Nokia Lumia 900 with a very early build of Windows Phone 7.8 installed. Here is his quick hands on video working with the Windows Phone 7.8 start screen:

There was a small announcement also included in Ben Rudolph’s small post, the website now has its own Windows Phone 7.8 page. At the moment, the page does not provide much, besides the video just posted by Rudolph and some already known small details. We are sure that in due time it will actually provide information on all the features that will be included in the 7.8 update.


  1. marlon says

    Im using lumia 800.
    just want to knw how to upload the windows 7.8 software?
    Is it available here in South Africa?

    thanks and more power…

    • says

      The update will not be available until later this year. You will receive an update notification on your device as soon as it is available. Of course, we will also post the news when it is available here on eWM.

  2. Funderful says

    I believe you will find that the page already provides information on all the features of 7.8. It’s just a new start screen.

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