Microsoft Launches iOS To WP7 API Mapping Tool, Guide For iPhone Developers & More

If you are an iPhone developer with an interest in WP7 development, you’ve probably noticed how different it is to write code compared to iPhone. Microsoft says not to worry, they have your back. Microsoft has launched a plethora of guides and tools to help iPhone developers port applications to Windows Phone 7. This is great news both for developers and consumers as it will definitely facilitate expansion. Microsoft is looking out for developers that might find it easy to code on iPhone, yet want to expand their products to the WP7 platform.

Jumping from one platform or language to another can introduce breaking changes in your habits, but ultimately change is very stimulating and will expand your opportunities.

We hope all developers out there that have interest in the Windows Phone platform take advantage of this! Whether your application is paid or free, popular or not, Microsoft couldn’t say it better with the above quote. Expansion is never a bad thing and it’s good to see that Microsoft is trying to help you [the developers] do that.

How can you leverage your iPhone development expertise to build Windows Phone 7 applications?

There’s no magic wand that will do the work for you, but we have put together a great package to help you get started. It’s available at

The package consists of:

  • a NEW iPhone/iOS to Windows Phone 7 API mapping tool (see details below)
  • a 90+ pages “Windows Phone 7 Guide for iPhone Application Developers” white paper, organized in 8 chapters, and growing
  • a series of “developer stories”, in which developers share on video their experience porting iPhone applications to Windows Phone and explain why and how they did it.
  • and a compilation of the key resources you need to get started.

To read the entire article head on over to The Windows Phone Developer Blog where JC Cimetiere made the announcement.

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