Microsoft Invites Geohot, Jailbreak Extraordinaire To Develop for WP7

Microsoft just concluded their meeting with the developers behind ChevronWP7 where they showed us they have a sense of humor, offering the devs a lousy t-shirt for their efforts. In a curious move, Brandon Watson has reached out to George Hotz a.k.a. Geohot (via Twitter) inviting the jailbreaking legend to “build cool stuff on WP7“. ¬†Geohot is well known as the man to jailbreak the iPhone and more recently his jailbreak of the Sony Playstation 3, the latter which has resulted in some legal trouble.

Jailbreak Geohot Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has offered up a phone. No word on whether Geohot will take them up on their offer. It’s also not clear what they hope to achieve, considering Geohot’s specialty is unlocking and jaibreaking.


  1. Seiryu says

    I think it’s clear what MS wants…”Security”. Geohot has already offered to those giants to make their systems more secure. I think MS is taking up on that offer to make more secure products with an added advantage of one less hardcore hacker in the wild.

  2. Nelson Ocampo says

    This would help business as well.

    If MS could create a nice sandbox where developers could play, while at the same time keeping the marketplace secure, it’s a win-win.

  3. Edris says

    Yea i agree if they know the flaws of the WP7 they can fix them an keep everything for themself so having a hacking brain on there side is the best thing to do to keep everything under lock an key

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