Microsoft Investigating Data Problems

If you’ve been hit by the data problems that have been widely reported on Windows Phone 7, take some solace in the fact that Microsoft is aware of the problem, and they’re looking into it. Talking to the BBC, a spokesman said:

“We are investigating this issue to determine the root cause and will update with information and guidance as it becomes available.”

Hopefully the root cause of this will be unveiled, as it seems to be affecting a large number of people.

Have you been hit by this problem? When is it happening? Who is your carrier? Have you contacted them? Let us know your story in the comments.


  1. Chuck says

    I have had similar issues on WM 6.5 with a Samsung Jack i-637. Seems as though even when connected to a wifi hot-spot the phone continues to use the 3g network for data. I have to turn the 3g off to force it to use wifi.

    Didn’t have this problem with my old Motorola Q9H. Wish I still had it.

    FWIW I would not recommend a Samsung Jack to anyone and the many problems I’ve had with it, this being just one, make me reluctant to buy any mobile Samsung product including the highly touted Galaxy or any of their android phone offerings.

  2. Nelson Wilkerson says

    I purchased a Samsung Focus (AT&T) 3 weeks ago. I like the phone a lot. The past 2 days I have been unable to download free or paid apps or update existing apps. Keep getting one of two error messages. This is very annoying! I hope Microsoft is working on the fix.

  3. Chuck says

    Sam sort of problems I had with my Samsung Jack. Things work at first then suddenly stop working forever – until I hard reset the device. Mobile Web stopped working months ago but I dont feel like going through another hard reset to fix it, then have to reinstall all my apps, then have it stop working again in a few months.

  4. Nelson says

    I called AT&T about the inability to download apps. I had disabled cookies on the phone. Went into setting for internet explorer and allowed cookies on the phone and it works.

  5. Sal says

    How about they address the f’ng SD card issue in the Samsung Focus next and give us some approved cards above 8g.

  6. Josh says

    My wife and I have LQ Quantum’s and have noticed the issue. Our phones are sending large amounts of data 20MB-50MB between Midnight and 1am. We’re on ATT and it’s not a huge concern for me as I have the unlimited data, but she was trying to use the 200MB plan but has exceeded it due to this. She uses her phone for FB and yahoo mail. ATT tech support told me that it was FB updates in the middle of the night, every night causing the usage. After reviewing out data usage since getting the phone, her spikes at night started when she added her yahoo email account. I switched from an Iphone and noticed that even when I was on the iphone I had large amounts of data being sent. I believe the culprit is yahoo mail syncing when WIFI is shut off due to phone going to sleep. Most phones including the Iphone and android turn WIFI off after a certain amount of time. The next question is why is yahoo mail using so much data to sync 6 emails?

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