Microsoft Begs For Patience, Says Don’t Use Homebrew For NoDo

Microsoft has reiterated its call to avoid using homebrew to get NoDo, with a blog post asking you to hold out for the real thing. Microsoft’s Eric Hautala said:

We’re working hard to get this job done as quickly as possible. But I’ve noticed that some of you are turning to homebrew solutions to update your phone immediately. As an engineer and a gadget lover, I totally understand the impulse to tinker. You want the latest technology and you’re tired of waiting. Believe me, I get it.

But my strong advice is: wait. If you attempt one of these workarounds, we can’t say for sure what might happen to your phone because we haven’t fully tested these homebrew techniques. You might not be getting the important device-specific software we would typically deliver in the official update. Or your phone might get misconfigured and not receive future updates.

It’s even possible your phone might stop working properly. Bottom line: unsupported workarounds put you in uncharted territory that may void your phone warranty. We’ve made a lot of progress in recent weeks, so I urge you to please be patient for just a bit longer and wait for your official update notification to arrive.

Sorry Eric, I get what you’re saying, but are you really surprised? The NoDo rollout has been a textbook lesson on how to do things exactly wrong, and you’re upset that people took it into their own hands? And now you’re asking them to twiddle their thumbs for longer? Not buying it. Microsoft really dropped the ball on this one.

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