Microsoft To Validate Fix Coming for “Walshed” Phones

Chris Walsh, founder of the now defunct ChevronWP7 tool, is working on a fix that will help correct the inability of “Walshed” phones to receive future updates. According to the ChevronWP7 Twitter account, Microsoft has approved the fix. Walsh had helped many users speed up the process of getting their phones updated to NoDo. Microsoft warned users know that phones that were “walshed”, would not receive future updates. It wasn’t clear if indeed that was the case, until yesterday’s 7392 security update.

UPDATE: Brandon Watson of Microsoft has published a blog post that provides further clarity on the situation. Microsoft hasn’t approved the fix, but they are planning to “validate” their solution once available. You have to got appreciate the transparency displayed by Watson and Microsoft. They don’t have to get involved in this situation, but are doing so in the interest of customers.

In any event, Walsh is working on a fix. If you are having trouble, we’d suggest leave a comment with the requested information on his blog. It certainly sounds as if a fix is forthcoming.

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