Microsoft Allegedly Warns Against ChevronWP7 Forced NoDo Update

Chris Walsh’s tool to get people WP7 has been used by many to get NoDo while their carriers are sitting around with their thumbs up their proverbials. However, Microsoft is apparently not a huge fan of the update, says Unwired. They apparently have been saying:

In an info, Microsoft seriously warns to use ChevronWP7.Updater. According to Microsoft, the use of ChevronWP7.Updater could possibly put the updated Windows Phone 7 device into a state where it cannot receive future regular updates to the OS anymore and the only fix will be re-flashing the device with an original stock ROM. At the end of the day if could mean that such Windows Phone 7 devices have to be send to the manufacturers or carriers service centers because unlike for Windows Mobile, stock ROMs are officially not available as a public download for end-users.

Walsh’s original blog post no longer has a working link to the software, though we don’t know under what circumstances this occurred, and if he has pulled it down completely or just the link died.

There have been some user complaints about the ChevronWP7 method he released, including that it kills Windows Live and Hotmail.

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