Meet Your Windows Phone Emoji Family (Part Two)

Last week we gave you part one of a two part collection of Emoji icons you now have available on your Windows Phone 7.5 device. Courtesy of Michael Stroh and the team over at the Windows Phone Blog (as part of Tip Tuesday), below you have another sampling of the many Emoji icons available to you as a Windows Phone user.

Now remember, these key combinations will only show as Emoji icons on the recipient’s Windows Phone (and also yours as the sender, within the conversation). If you are the one sending the Emoji, the key combination you send will only become an Emoji icon on your screen once you have sent your message. Finally, remember other devices such as the Blackberry use key combinations for smilies and icons as well, some Windows Phone combinations may also work for such devices, whether they will show the intended icon (or anything at all) that’s something you have to experiment with.

With part one and two now at our disposal, Michael Stroh reminds us that there are plenty more Emoji icons to discover. Let us know if you find any which aren’t ¬†listed!


  1. Chris Soh says

    Please do not try to confuse the users with the differences of the ‘True’ Emoji and ur ‘Fake’ Emoji.

    Emoji is a UNICODE based text which requires native text support with proper licensing.

    The Windows Phone Emoji you are mentioning now is just emoticons.

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