MarkSpace Releases Beta Version of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 5

Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 5

Mark/Space has released an update to their software – The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile.

The latest version is now 2.5b1. The new update features:

  • Supports Windows Mobile 5 devices including the Motorola Q
  • Universal application for Intel and PowerPC Macs
  • Now supports both USB and Bluetooth connections

The biggest improvement appears to be the support for sycing over a USB connection. Previous versions only allowed the sync process using Bluetooth.

If you already own The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile, Mark/Space has made a beta test version of the upcoming 2.5 release available. If you are interested in trying out the beta, back up your data and visit our testing page for details. If you don’t own version 2.0 but can’t wait to try out the 2.5 beta, you may purchase the current 2.0 release and later receive a free upgrade to the v2.5 release with support for devices running WM5.

Read how we were able to sync the Motorola Q and Mac or visit our Mac and Moto Q forum to discuss how other Mac users are getting along with the Q.

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