Mango To Offer Shazam-like feature, turn-by-turn voice navigation and more

We always had the inkling that Microsoft would be announcing new consumer features in Mango as we started to near it’s release this fall. To our surprise, we have news of a few new features thanks to Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk of the Windows Phone Dev Podcast. Mango will include Bing Audio, which sounds exactly like Shazam. You’ll be able to use your Windows Phone to “listen” and identify an audio track.

Bing Audio

Also included in Mango is turn-by-turn voice guidance in Maps. While it’s never safe to assume, this certainly sounds like voice navigation.
Mango Voice Navigation

Also included are SMS Dictation and on device podcast support.
SMS Dictation in Mango

It’s only May, so it’s entirely possible that we hear about even more new features coming in the Mango 7.5 update. This is certainly a good start.

Windows Phone Dev Podcast via Windows Phone Secrets

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