Maarten Sonneveld On Expected Mango Release Date, Developer Marketplace & More


NieuweMobilel.NL visited Maarten Sonneveld, responsible for Microsoft in the Netherlands, to talk about the future of Windows Phone. Sonneveld answered many questions with as much knowledge as he already knew about the future of the OS. All the following statements are information provided by Sonneveld in response to the many questions NieuweMobilel.NL had for him.

The Windows Phone Mango update will be available sometime this fall, but according to Sonneveld it will be available just about mid-October. Sonneveld had no information on the supposed Nokia benefits that are expected in their future Windows Phone devices. He mentioned that, whether it’s true or not, it’s important to not have any fragmentation so it’s a good thing that they can provide updates. He continues, adding that they chose to have a closed Marketplace (developers only) for applications to assure a stable system. He mentions that the Windows Phone Marketplace is the fastest growing mobile platform, and applications are about quality not quantity.

Microsoft employees are now all running a Windows Phone device, receiving a Samsung Omnia 7 devices that have internally developed applications installed. One such application, Sonneveld mentions, enables all employees to see how many parking space are available in the garage under the Microsoft building in Schiphol, Netherlands.

Maarten Sonneveld closes the interview with a final statement: “It strikes me that almost everyone I show a Windows Phone is enthusiastic about the system. I think that many people have a latent preference for Windows Phone because they were familiar with Windows Mobile. Windows Phone distinguishes itself through design and functionality from other mobile operating systems. I am therefore confident that Windows Phone will obtain a substantial market share. “

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