LG Less Than Impressed With Windows Phone 7 Launch, But In For The Long Haul

Talking to Pocket-Lint, marketing strategy and planning team director of LG Electronics James Choi gave a frank discussions of the company’s feelings about Windows Phone 7, and how they’re in for the long run, even though the launch didn’t go as well as they’d hoped.

LG feels that the launch was disappointing, partly due to a lack of exposure for the new OS, as well as not meeting the high expectations many spectators had for the OS. However, they feel that the diverse hardware and straightforward software will appeal who are turned off by the complicated nature of Android, but want more options than the iPhone, especially if Microsoft offers them at a low price point (which it seems to be doing with the ongoing sales on WP7 hardware).

“LG has been closely collaborating with Microsoft from the beginning. What we feel is that it is absolutely perfect for a huge segment out there. What we feel is that some people believe that some operating systems, mainly Google, are extremely complicated for them. But Windows Phone 7 is very intuitive and easy to use.”

Paul Thurrott has written a very thoughtful response to this piece, taking Microsoft to task for fumbling a number of critical tasks which could have helped Windows Phone 7.


  1. WheresWinPho says

    LG had the worst of the three offerings for ATT at launch. Of course they’re not impressed. This article should have been “Users not impressed with LG WinPho launch.

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