LG C900 Pegged For September 28 Release Date?

The Bluetooth SIG has a nasty habit of revealing details about phones before the manufacturers are ready to do so, and have just put out some info about the LC C900:

This end product is called LG-C900N, LG-C900k, LG-C900B, which is a kind of 3G celluar phone. The supporting features related to BT of this models are like bellows; – RF : 2.1 + EDR – Profile : HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, PBAP This model will be available on Market around 2010-09-28 . If you have any more questions about this model , you can contact LGE by email pyo7622@lge.com.
Around September 28, you say? PhoneArena thinks this is when the device will actually launch, even though it’s before Windows Phone 7 is even set to head out. On the other hand WME thinks that neither AT&T nor LG would be so foolish as to jump the gun on Microsoft like that, and I tend to agree with them. That date could be from an old launch date, it could be for internal purposes, or it could just be wrong. WP7 isn’t set to go out until October, and I can’t imagine a handset launching before then.

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