Lenovo negotiating with Microsoft to join Windows Phone market with UI customization access

It is no surprise, to us at least, that Lenovo is now heavily interested in joining the Windows Phone world with the announcement of Windows Phone 8. Lenovo devices running the Windows Phone OS have previously been confirmed and leaked at different points in the past year or so. It seems Lenovo is finally unofficially showing that they do want to make Windows Phones however, considering the company recently sat down with Microsoft for negotiations.

What is being negotiated by Lenovo exactly? Well, according to sources, Lenovo doesn’t just want to join the Windows Phone world, but wants to do it with full access to UI customization. Lenovo already has UI customization on the Android platform for example, dubbed the LePhone OS. However, if Microsoft has been strict about one thing it’s about the UI customization with Windows Phone OS. Not even Nokia, the big Microsoft partner, has access to UI customization on the Windows Phone OS. Therefore, it is highly¬†doubtful that Lenovo will receive UI customization access.

A custom app store is the most Lenovo may get, considering rumors have circulated about a specific Nokia Marketplace coming soon to Windows Phone OS. We will see what comes out of the negotiations between Microsoft and Lenovo soon enough. We definitely think if Lenovo is granted UI customization access that it will be a huge slap in the face to manufacturers that have been around since Windows Phone 7 launched in 2010 up to this day.

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