Leaked Windows Phone Roadmap Hints At Future

An apparent leaked roadmap provided by a reader over at WMPoweruser reveals information, if true, about the next Apollo and Tango updates. The roadmap doesn’t reveal much else but some expected release estimates. Of course, with the course some previous Windows Phone updates have already taken, some updates for certain devices from certain carriers may take longer than others. The next Tango update is expected in Q2 2012 while the following Apollo update is expected for Q4 2012.

Recall that Tango is an update expected to be pushed mainly on “low tier” handsets expected to be released by Nokia and other manufacturers. Later this year, Apollo will be a major update (like Mango) bringing more features mostly focused on businesses, and it will enable Windows Phone OS compatibility with dual core devices and HD screens. Alongside the release of the Apollo update should come the next generation of Windows Phone handsets, of course, boasting HD screens and dual core processors.

We should expect some more information on these two updates come CES 2012 and other events throughout the year.

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