Leaked Nokia document reveals feature-by-feature difference between Windows Phone 7.8/8

A leaked Nokia document obtained by Smartphone France specifies the feature differences between Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8. Both versions are due in the coming months; Windows Phone 7.8 will be available to current Windows Phone 7(7.5) devices while Windows Phone 8 will bring a new generation of devices.

From the look of the document and the way it is formatted, it seems features are either green-lighted “OK” or “NOK”, meaning not included. The customizable lock screen feature on Windows Phone 7.8 is marked as “TBC” which we assume indicates something along the lines of To Be Calculated/Completed.

This document is definitely not comprehensive and most likely lists features only of interest to Nokia for future device development. With that in mind, here is what won’t be available on Windows Phone 7.8 based on the document:

  • OTA updates
  • NFC
  • Micro SD
  • Real Multitasking
  • Application deployment/development for Windows Phone 8
  • IE 10
  • Multi-core processors
  • Ecrans WXGA/720P
  • Wallet
  • Secure Boot & Encryption
  • Device Management
  • Company Hub



  1. sun says

    This is weird… These features are already there with WP tango 8773 update. so theres nothing new coming?
    also I think If this is what it is going to be, nokia should start making android devices as well. It should remember that android is a competitor for windows not for nokia.

  2. Matt says

    What is “Device management”? The only thing I wish for my current 7.5 handset is to be able to ditch the Zune desktop software and manage the device as mass storage. Do we get that?

  3. Arun Kumar says

    Why were so many people complaining? Almost all of the differences are hardware related. Microsoft should of just called it windows phone 8

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