Leaked Lenovo Windows Phone Is Real And Due In Second Half of 2012

After at least a year of speculation and rumor mill churning, the leaked Lenovo “S2″ device has finally been confirmed by Lenovo’s LePhone Product Manager, Yue Chen. In a short but informative interview with iMobile this past Tuesday, Chen told reporters the Lenovo S2 has a clear timetable for 2012 and the rumors are all true.

Yue Chen gave some specifics and details on the Lenovo S2 in the same interview. The S2 represents the Music Phone S2, a follow up to their original Music Phone S device which has sold 70 million units and was launched in May 2010. The S2 will boast a 8 Megapixel camera, panorama mode, smile mode, burst mode, “bokeh, etc. etc.” and, of course, the Windows Phone operating system on board.
Chen stated several times in the interview that many Lenovo Music Phone users are very excited for the new S2 device. That brings promise that the new upgrade model should sell very well.

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