Last In Line, AT&T Finally Sets A Date For NoDo Release

In an exclusive internal email posted over at WinRumors, AT&T has finally set a date for the NoDo update release. The release  is (finally!) set for April 19, upon which NoDo will be available all at once for LG Quantum and Samsung Focus devices. It seems HTC Surround users won’t be so fortunate, as AT&T states that NoDo release won’t happen until mid-May release. There is no mention why this singled out delay is in place for HTC Surround. We can assume they are just having some type of personal trouble with NoDo working with the HTC Surround. You can find the internal email below.

Effective April 19, 2011, new Microsoft maintenance release updates will be available to AT&T customers with existing LG Quantum and Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 devices. Approved updates for the HTC Surround are scheduled for availability in mid-May and will be communicated once approved.

Microsoft is planning to release two new Maintenance Release (7008 & 7390) updates that require a three-phase installation. The update installation process includes:

• Installing Zune software
• Installing the 1st (7008) MR which prepares the WP7 device to accept the enhanced (7309 “NoDo”) update
• Installing the 2nd (7390 “NoDo”) MR update that adds new device functionality

Customers will receive a notification starting on 4/19 advising them of an available update for their phone. Once the customer completes the 7008 update, they will be able to immediately update their devices to 7390 (NoDo) by disconnecting and re-tethering their phone to their PC. If the customer does not immediately update their device to 7390 (NoDo), they will receive a notification that an update is available within three days.

The Headliner for the 7390 (NoDo) MR is that it adds Copy/Paste functionality but additional functionality is included that is unique to AT&T.

My CSP will be updated for launch. If customers should have additional questions or issues with this update, please refer the customer to LG or Samsung for additional support following standard policies and procedures.

Important Notes
Installation of the 1st (7008) maintenance release is required before the 2nd (7390 “NoDo”) maintenance release can be successfully loaded on the Windows Phone 7 devices.

If you notice in the above email, another thing that catches our attention is “additional functionality is included that is unique to AT&T.” Maybe this is the reason for AT&T being the last one out of the flood gates, hopefully the long ridiculous wait these past months pays off. We shall see what “additional functionality” you have come up with AT&T, we shall see indeed.


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    I’m so disappointed. I was hoping to be able to get Angry Birds for my friend who is on my plan but unfortunately we both have the lagging Surround. Bad choice on my part, I guess. I had Verizon and Droid Incredible. Serious withdrawl here. I’m working in the backwoods of TX and AT&T is the only option. sigh.

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