It’s Launch Day, Go Get Your Phones!

Today’s the day, folks! The USA now has WP7 phones available for sale. So, where can you get them? Well, you can pop down to your local AT&T store and buy one in person — though rumor is that stocks are limited. If you don’t want to go to a physical store (the real world? Ewwww…) you can buy online through AT&T here, they’ve got the Samsung Focus, LG Quantum, and HTC Surround. If you’re buying from AT&T don’t forget to redeem your free Entertainment Pack!

You can pick them up from Microsoft directly, and buy the HTC HD7 on T-Mobile, or HTC Surround and Samsung Focus on AT&T for $199 a pop. With that, you also get a 3-month free Zune pass.

Alternatively, there’s Dell’s store which have them at $150, and Amazon (who have some as low as $99!).


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