Is the HTC HD7 Release on T-Mobile Later Than November 8th?

Just yesterday, Tim reported that T-Mobile tweeted plans for a November 8th release of the HTC HD7. November 8th being the first day of US sales for Windows Phone 7. That date is now thrown into question upon seeing an official tweet from @WindowsPhone. They say AT&T will see Windows Phone 7 on November 8th, but the T-Mobile release will come later. Somebody’s got the wrong date here.

UPDATE: We’ve heard back from T-Mobile who confirmed a November 8th release saying “We’ll have it in stores Nov. 8. Don’t believe everything the internet tells you.”

HTC HD7 release date

Here’s T-Mobile’s tweet.


  1. Christopher Meinck says

    Thanks for the clarification. We only reported it since it was coming from the official Windows Phone Twitter account.

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