Huawei Finally Working On Windows Phone Devices To Release In 2012

Ever since the announced partnership plans between Huawei and Microsoft, Huawei has long been missing in the Windows world. The partnership did go through back in the end of 2011, but Huawei has yet to mention any Windows device plans.

According to WPDang, Huawei finally has a team working on some Windows devices to release by the end of 2012. Huawei has also been occupied with the Android platform, and that seems to be just one of the reasons why nothing has been announced yet, as far as a Windows Phone.

Huawei is reported to have a team of at least 70 employees working solely to assemble a Windows Phone. The Huawei team is working closely with Microsoft, and both have chosen to go straight into developing devices for Windows Phone 8 code named Apollo, to release later this year.

Currently, there are supposedly two devices in development. The first has a target price of 2,000 CNY (317 USD), most likely a Windows Phone based on the Huawei Android platform designs. The second device seems to be more of a tablet, as the only current information is that it has a display that measures over four inches.

Hopefully Huawei builds up some hype and reveals more information soon! It is nice to see Huawei actually working on something finally.

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