HTC HD7 Free In Valentine’s Promotion

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Come Valentine's Day weekend, T-Mobile is having a huge sale with all their smartphones going for a whopping $0 — and that includes the HTC HD7. On February 11th and 12th, all their smartphones will be free on a new contract, so you can pick up the HD7, if you've been oggling it for a while. If it's a good Valentine's Day present or not is something for you to sort out with … [Read more...]

Tethering Homebrew Developed For HTC Phones

It's definitely a hack, not particularly elegant or simple, but it's tethering on an HTC WP7 phone. Discovered over on the XDA forums, here are the instructions for installing the xap: 1. Download XAP file in attach 2. Download HTC Sync for Android from HTC for USB Modem driver 3. Deploy XAP file to your phone 4. Turn of your Data conection in your phone. 5. Run DFRouter … [Read more...]

HTC Hub Hacked To All Handsets

If you like the visual style (and possible data vampirism) of the HTC Hub but don't have an HTC device, then you'll be overjoyed to know that the folks on XDA have hacked the hub onto all WP7 phones. All you have to do is download the .xap and install it on a dev-unlocked device. Since it's not actually the latest version, and it isn't the live tile, so it probably won't … [Read more...]

HTC HD2 Gets Android/WP7 Dual-Boot

The hacking of WP7 onto the HTC HD2 has been a long and storied adventure, and now there's a very cool new twist: someone's hacked a dual-boot of Android and WP7 onto the handset. It's the usual kids from XDA behind it, and it's pretty technical, and is achieved by running WP7 and Android from a single SD card. It involves installing WP7 onto a small SD card, cloning the … [Read more...]

HTC Arrive To Be Sprint WP7 Handset?

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This is the barest, the absolute slimmest of rumors. All we have is a logo, courtesy of Engadget, and the assurances of their source that it will be a Windows Phone 7 handset on Sprint. The Arrive was apparently previously called the Ruby, and the name has just been trademarked. Not exactly proof of the highest calibre, but enough for us to perk our ears up and pay … [Read more...]