HTC Sense UI For Windows Phone 7 Leaked

This video alleges to the be the mooted Sense UI that HTC wants to slap over the top of WP7. We don’t know if it’s the real thing, a mockup, or an incredibly well done hoax. So far everyone seems to love the idea, and it does look pretty. But I’m going to say no.

You know why? Because it will be a beast of bloatware. It doesn’t match the WP7 native Exchange UI, and all those nifty animations and moving clouds are bound to put major stress on the processor. Look at the state of Android right, where OEMs and carriers put layers upon layers of useless crap over the top of the native OS, and it slows it down, kills the user experience, and limits what you can do with the device. Lets keep that nonsense of WP7, shall we? Even if it is pretty.

[Mobility Digest, via WMExperts]

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