HTC HD2 release date set for March 24th

We just saw pricing yesterday and now we’ve got what appears to be a pretty firm release date for the HTC HD2. According to a leaked internal document, the HTC HD2 will launch on T-Mobile on March 24th. As we noted yesterday, it will be priced at $199.99 with a 2-year commitment. You can also purchase the HTC HD2 outright for $449.99. For those wondering, T-Mobile refers the HTC HD2 as the “Dark Handset” on this promotion sheet.

Of course, we’re still not pleased about the HTC HD2 not being Windows Phone 7 upgradable due to it’s inclusion of more than 3 buttons. C’mon Microsoft, here’s one situation where we think you could loosen up the standards a bit or just look away.

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