HTC Dominating Windows Phone Sales?

That’s the word from HTC’s Senior Vice President Fred Liu, who claims they are responsible for one out of every two Windows Phones sold. That’s not that bold of a statement when you look at the current marketplace, especially in the US. At AT&T, there are four Windows Phone devices, two of which are from HTC including the relatively new HTC HD7S. Sprint’s lone Windows Phone 7 device is the HTC Arrive. Verizon customers have one choice when it comes to Windows Phone and that’s the HTC Trophy. If you visit a T-Mobile store, you also have only one choice, the HTC HD7. Those willing to purchase a phone site unseen can opt for a Dell Venue, which is available for purchase online through Dell.

Windows Phone sales

One thing is for certain, HTC is certainly a big supporter of the Windows Phone platform. We haven’t seen any concrete numbers for Windows Phone sales, but it would shocking if HTC wasn’t leading the pack.


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