HTC Determined To Bring Sense To Windows Phone 7

Previously, I’ve railed against HTC for undermining the beauteous simplicity of Metro in their attempts to bring the Sense UI to WP7, but they appear to be determined to do so anyway. According to Forbes, the manufacturer is convinced that customizing the OS is a good thing. Drew Bamford, head of User Experience for HTC believes that they will be allowed to use Sense eventually, just not right now.

“We have a good relationship with Microsoft so we’re continuing to work with them to figure out how to enable a Sense experience without breaking their model. Our expectation is that we will be able to do more over time.”

As pretty as Sense UI is, it’s still overly complex and a resource hog. Why can’t these companies embrace the design envisioned by Microsoft, which is arguably the best thing about WP7?


  1. Joriginaloak says

    They should just leave the damn thing alone, their sense makes no sense to the wp7 experience. As the other reader has sated, by creating and developing their own HUB, they can make a difference. Their hardware already stands out from the rest and for me, the marrying up with NOKIA sounds like the only way microsoft will get to truly take ownereship of their vison.

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