HTC Arrive To Have NoDo Preinstalled? [updated]

According to PhoneScoop, when the HTC Arrive hits stores on March 20th, it’ll come with NoDo preinstalled. That’s right folks, you’ll be able to copy and paste. Huzzah!

Sprint has informed Phone Scoop that the HTC Arrive, which will become available starting March 20, ships with the NoDo Windows Phone 7 update preinstalled. This updated system software includes cut and paste, faster application launches, and improved Marketplace search. Microsoft announced these updates in February, and will distribute them to other WP7 devices later this month.

NoDo was expected on the Arrive due to copy and pasteĀ being available on test units. Since this report comes directly from Sprint’s mouth, we have no reason to expect it not to happen. With these units hitting shelves in just a couple of days, hopefully this’ll provide the final push Microsoft needs to get NoDo out onto everyone’s phones.

[Source: SocialBarrel, via 1800PocketPC]

Update: Of course it has NoDo installed, there’s no CDMA without it. Consider this a case of authorly amnesia, for which I apologize. Feel free to throw tomatoes at me for my obvious mistake. I stand by my hopes that this will galvanise Microsoft into a general release, though.


    • Lawrence says

      He isn’t a moron because he got one thing wrong. It was written early in the morning, give him a break. It is fine to correct him, in fact it should be done but that could be done without name-calling.

    • Jay says

      LOL … coming from someone who should have typed “cdma” in caps, is missing a period and doesn’t understand how to use commas.

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