HTC 7 Pro To Launch on O2 Germany in January

It looks like O2 in Germany will launch the HTC 7 Pro starting in January. O2 is GSM based, but we’re waiting for the CDMA based Sprint to launch the same device. The HTC 7 Pro sports a 1Ghz processor, 5 megapixel camera, full QWERTY keyboard and a tilt-capable 3.6 inch display.
HTC 7 Pro

Anyone waiting for Windows Phone 7 on Sprint?

via BGR


  1. says

    I have the Touch Pro 2 and have been waiting for something faster. I was thinkin about the Epic until The HTC 7 Pro showed up. One big Bummer, No Front Facing Camera for video chat. With 5 year old twins, this would of been Perfect. My wife and I have the same Phone and a 2 year contract without Video Chat, for as much as I’m out and about is Unthinkable. Now I may have to Rethink my Sprint Purchase, The Epic. I don’t want to go Android but I just may do it. Unless they have it on the Phone when we get it, like they did with the 3.5 jack that wasn’t on the European Phones but all the USA phones had them. Suprise Me HTC!!!!
    I want WINDOWS.

  2. hysonmb says

    I can’t wait to get WP7 on Sprint.
    I had a Touch Pro 2 that had a cracked screen for months as I waited for the launch on Sprint. Then they came out with the no CDMA announcement that really ticked me off and I bought an Epic to replace to broken phone. The sooner they get the WP7 sets out, the better, I need to sell this Epic while it still has a high resale value.

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