How To Transfer Applications, Contacts, Email, And Media To Your New Windows Phone

Windows Phone Blog has done it again, this time Michael Stroh helps us smooth out the process of moving content from one Windows Phone to another. We will get right to the dirty work, just continue reading for the quick and easy instructions we have provided.

Things To Know

When you purchase your new Windows Phone, the store can often transfer all your content for you, ask and make sure they do it correctly too. They should be able to transfer your content even easier if you are switching phones within the same carrier.

Moving Applications

This process is assuming you have used the same Windows Live ID on your new Windows Phone as your old one. You can either do this through the My Phone page or through a Windows Phone application called Reinstaller.

  • Using the My Phone page – Sign In > Click your name > Click Account > You can now view all your past Marketplace purchases by date. Just click the Reinstall link next to the application you want to reinstall on your new phone.
  • Using the Reinstaller application – Will immediately install all your applications to your new phone at once, this is great if you’re not picky about what to reinstall on your new phone. Download the application on your new Windows Phone and follow the instructions.

Moving Contacts

You can easily move your contacts if you have them saved on cloud based services like Google, Hotmail, and Facebook. Add the account you use for your contacts to your new Windows Phone and they will appear before your eyes in your phonebook. If your contacts are in fact saved somewhere else or on a SIM card, check out this article as things will be a little more technical.

Recently AT&T has released the AT&T Mobile Transfer application, visible in the Windows Phone marketplace only to AT&T subscribers, which allows wireless transfer of up to 2 GB of photos and contacts to a temporary cloud. Once the content is on that temporary cloud, it is ready to immediately import to your new phone.

Moving Email

Email is the easiest thing to transfer on Windows Phone, and this article tells you how to set it all up. With services like Hotmail and Google, once email accounts are set up they also offer the ability to sync calendars and contacts as well. Choose your options as you please.

Moving Music, Photos, and Videos

Sync your previous Windows Phone to your computer using Zune so that all content has been copied to your hard drive. These instructions walk you through making sure that content syncs correctly and copies to your computer. For Mac, download Windows Phone 7 Connector and then follow these instructions instead.

That pretty much covers it all folks. If you just got a brand new Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC Titan II, follow the above processes and you’ll be ready to go on your new Windows Phone in no time.


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