How To Enable EDGE On The Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone

Yes, the Nokia Lumia 900 is the first 4G LTE Windows Phone available anywhere, but many will soon realize that faster data speeds do bring consequences. How to deal with these consequences when relying on 4G LTE connectivity? Read on and find out.

Specifically, 4G LTE data means you will use your phone longer and your battery will drain much quicker than ever before. Slower data speeds will help with making your battery last longer, hence enabling EDGE connection when you really don’t need fast 4G LTE. Network outages, limited data plans (bring back unlimited!), and no 4G LTE network coverage are also other big reasons you want to know how to enable EDGE data connection on your Lumia 900.

Read on for the quick and easy EDGE-enabling instructions.

  • Type in ##3282# to access the field test application
  • Open the app bar on the bottom and tap settings
  • Choose your setting: 2G, 3G or Automatic.
  • By hitting the back button you will get you a bunch of text in a list. Search ToggleENS(REBOOT) and tap on it
  • Play around with the features if you want
  • Reboot your Phone

After finishing the reboot, go to cellular settings. You now will find the “E” or “EDGE” in the list of maximum transfer speed.


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