How To Bypass Your Carrier And Grab NoDo With An HTC [u]

Famed WP7 hacker Chris Walsh just posted this guide which shows you how to get past your carrier and get the NoDo update straight away — with a couple of caveats: it’s for HTC phones only, and you need to be dev-unlocked. Essentially it’s a way of bypassing the carrier check that your phone runs before allowing the update to go through. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Download this zip file and deploy the 3 xap files onto your device.
  2. Run the ChevronWP7.Ringtones.xap and wait till it displays “Ringtones added… and CustClear.provxml underneath”
  3. Run the TouchXplorer app, navigate to My DocumentsMy Ringtones click on CustClear.provxml and select Copy from the Application Bar.
  4. Navigate back inside TouchXplorer to the Windows folder.
  5. Select paste from the Application Bar, this should scroll right to the bottom and put a copy of CustClear.provxml in the Windows folder.
  6. Now run the Connection Setup application and click on the Ok button (it’s the one with the tick).
  7. And now you’re done and free to re-connect to Zune and check for updates.

As always, any sort of tweaking like this is done at your own risk.

[source: @ChrisWalshie]

Update: Apparently the update is only in Europe right now, but keep your fingers crossed that it heads out widely soon.


  1. says

    I am not sure if this is correct because it only provided me with the February update, not the NoDo, do I have to repeat the process after that is installed?

  2. adam says

    Advertising potentially risky steps which modify the phone this way is irresponsible, and you should be ashamed.

  3. Eric says

    @Adam – I hope that was a joke because it is very hard to sense sarcasm on the internet. If you were serious then I would advise you to stay away from computers and smartphones.

  4. WP7 User says

    Took the SIM out and clicked on update and it worked! or was it just good timing ? :)
    I have a HTC HD7(‘Open market’)

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