How To Bring Back Windows Phone Marketplace On Zune

Before you continue reading, we warn you this how-to involves quite a bit of PC knowledge, and a registry editor.

Well, that was fast, after Microsoft recently completely removed the Windows Phone marketplace browser from the Zune program, users have already figured out some registry edits to get it back. Initially, practically on the day of the removal, users had a rougher method of getting the marketplace back. Now, WPCentral received a simpler method from reader Thomas W. to get it all done, all with a registry editor and PC know-how on getting around.

You can find the instructions below if you truly miss the Windows Phone marketplace browser on Zune. The below instructions require a PC registry editor which will be used to add a new Key with DWORD, and that’s all folks!

  1. Using your desired registry editor navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Zune
  2. Create KEY: FeaturesOverride
  3. DWORD: Apps = 1
  4. Restart/Open Zune and you will find the quickly missed Windows Phone marketplace again

We suspect this tweak will last as long as Microsoft allows; Most likely a new Zune update will permanently disable the Windows Phone marketplace all together.


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