How Fast Is The NoDo Update?

Most users still don’t have NoDo, but those who do are noticing major speed gains. Hacker legend Chris Walsh puts it:

It’s unbelievable how much faster NoDo is on a retail device. This is what v1 should have been :)

Just how fast is the update? Check out this video, courtesy of WinRumors, the resume functionality seems greatly improved.

This speed improvement makes it even more frustrating that the rollout is taking so long.


  1. UserMcFarty says

    Yeah some things don’t seem any faster but a lot of things do. Text messaging seems snappier. The people hub is as well. The marketplace is WAY faster and damn near instant for me. Apps in general open quicker and I haven’t found any that lag or stutter (facebook). Haven’t played games yet. I’m happy I spent the 6 hours trying to get this update last night. Totally worth it.

  2. Jay says

    Received pre-NoDo two days ago … update went smooth. Just updated to Nodo now … update went smooth. Yes, apps load a heckuva lot faster — I was already happy, now I’m much happier. The copy-n-paste works great. Very nice update.

    Tmob HD7.

  3. Michael says

    Got the pre-nodo update a couple of days ago. Did the quick trick and now my Dell Venue Pro is sporting NODO. Updates went super smooth. Phone is blazing fast now, and that’s saying a lot because this slick phone was super quick to start with. Great update Microsoft. Zero problems here with either of my Dell Venue Pros.

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