Graphic Stream Unveils Tower Defense Game for WP7

French developer Graphic Stream has posted a release candidate video for a tower defense game they are developing for the Windows Phone 7 market. The game is called Arcane’s Tower Defense and seems to have everything you want in such a game. We warn you, after watching the video at the link above you might have the urge to rush the developer to release the game already.

From the gameplay shown in the video we can see that the game will feature beautiful artwork and visuals, easy controls, and plenty of immersive features such as talent trees, upgrades and spells. At the end of the video there is also a small featurette showing off the full level editor. We will give you a moment to breathe, now go ahead and watch the video for yourself.

Source: Graphic Stream


  1. Mathieu L. says

    Arcane’s Tower Defense
    The Arcane’s story begin… Cunning, sinister, and seemingly unstoppable, the Goblins army prepare to launch their long-awaited assault on the Fartchis nation.
    Survival is a matter of strategy, as the assault begin a ruthless conflict…
    Command noble humans in this cultures clash. Lead your forces into battle with powerful buildings hardened by talents and technological ages, learn spells to devast battlefield, rain fire from the skies !
    Expand your world with the World Editor. Design 3D maps and create missions for an infinite pleasure.
    Be the witness of an epic story. Participate to an entire chapter of the Arcane universe. Prevent the fall of the Triggerfartch.

    Enjoy stunning graphics, including shimmering water, textured layers and detailed movement in a the spectacular full 3D environment.

    Features :
    • 5 ages to unlock towers, talents, spells and improve their powers.
    • 6 different and unique upgradable towers.
    • 8 Spells to improve your defense.
    • 19 Upgradable tower talents to boost your strategy.
    • And many different goblins with their own stats and abilities.
    • Plus an extra free application : a standalone map editor.
    For Windows Phone
    On the marketplace for only $1.99

    As you asked, a French version will be release for september update.

    Trailer :

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