Google’s Andy Rubin on Windows Phone 7, “World Doesn’t Need Another Platform”

Google has enjoyed their time as the owner of the only modern mobile operating system with multiple hardware manufacturers. In some aspects, even Apple has helped Google gain traction in the smartphone marketplace by offering a single new iPhone each year on just one carrier. That head start will end for Google when multiple Windows Phone 7 devices hit the market and Apple decides to finally release a Verizon iPhone. Google’s Andy Rubin thinks Windows Phone 7 “looks interesting“, but believes “the world doesn’t need another platform“.

Of course, Andy’s company is the one that develops the Android OS. In a perfect world, that’s Rubin’s world, it would be exclusively Android.

Why doesn’t the whole world run with [Android]?

It’s about choice Andy. There will be no shortage of consumers who will choose Windows Phone 7 over Android. While he’s not ready yet to give up his iPhone, John Gruber counts himself among those that would select Windows Phone over Android. That’s just one high profile example of someone choosing WP7. I guess we’ll find out how many more come early November. My guess would be plenty. How about you?
via PCMag


  1. nick says

    the world doesnt need a lot of things…but a phone platform that keeps you on xbox live wherever you go? im pretty sure it needs that.

  2. says

    Android cannot play the thousands of free internet radio links, and/or use the internet radio link directories, which many if not most are played exclusively by windows media player, (or windows mobile media player), which is one of my most important and enjoyed features of windows mobile platform. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve tried Android on more than one occasion, and returned it for windows mobile, mostly because of this lacked feature. I KNOW that android can play pandora, but I like to listen to local radio stations, with local information, or certain radio commentators and news-talk programs, as well as Christian radio ministers, and college radio on different radio stations around the country, and in fact the world.

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