Gartner: Smartphone Sales Up 74%, Windows Phone Sales Lagging

Gartner today released a report detailing sales of smartphones for Q2 of 2011. Microsoft saw a steep decline in marketshare from 4.9% to 1.6%, partly due to the transition from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone. Sales of Windows Phone devices lagged behind Reseach in Motion and Bada.

Windows Phone sales

As we’ve said before, Windows Phone 7 needs a flagship phone. It will be interesting to see if the Nokia/Microsoft partnership delivers just that. When combined with the feature laden Mango update, it would be surprising if there weren’t a major uptick in these numbers going forward.

Source: Gartner


  1. Joe J says

    What they really need to do to gain 5-10% marketshare is the following:


    I guarantee you you will get some buyers then.

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