Gameloft to Bring Five Games To Windows Phone 7

Gameloft is bringing five of their titles to WP7, some of which are considerably more exciting than others. Two are available immediately, with the other three in the near future:

- Earthworm Jim HD
Coming soon:
- Assassin’s Creed: Altaïr’s Chronicles HD
- Brain Challenge HD
- The Oregon Trail HD (US & Canada only)
If you’re curious about these games, all have been ported from iOS, so you can go dig up some reviews for them if you want. There isn’t really much you can say about them, but calling Oregon Trail educational is definitely pushing your luck. The only thing I ever learned from that game was NEVER FORD THE RIVER!


  1. Blackmeto says

    Oregon trail is very good I play it everyday almost on my omnia 2
    as a matter of fact if you ever get the chance to play any gameloft games you are gonna love it/them

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