Found Footage: Windows Phone 7 Running Tablet Sized

This awesome little video shows WP7 running on an emulator at 1280×800 rather than the standard 800×480. Rather than just awkwardly blowing everything up and looking horrifically pixellated, the OS appears to use the space wisely in order to fit more content on the screen.

Watching this, I can’t help but think how perfect the tile-based interface of Metro UI would be on a larger form factor. Man, Microsoft should totally be working on WP7 for tablets rather than a tablet version of Windows 7.

Even though this is a hack, it does show just how easily WP7 could be extended onto a larger screen.

[via WMPU]


  1. Nbr123 says

    That’s so sweet to see WP& on a tablet, that too 12.1 inch one. I am sure WP7, being as buttery smooth as it is currently, would be an excellent OS for tablets. Hopefully the softies agree to it and go in that direction (or might already be thinking about it, never know).

    Its just a bad ground work, I believe, that even after 2 months of WP& release they are still speaking about Windows 7 on tablets. This shows they were not really sure how good WP7 is.

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