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    [​IMG]is a word game from Atabow, geared towards building your english vocabulary while having fun.

    Game play is very simple. You need to make as many valid English words as you can from the letters in the grid in 2m. To construct a word simply tap on the letters to select or unselect. Once the word is constructed submit the word by tapping on “Pop”. If the word is valid, score corresponding to the constructed word is added to the total score.
    • Construct higher length words to score higher.
    • Review the words you constructed/missed at the end of each game. Definitions of word makes it easy to remember and learn new words.
    • Bookmark words as you review the wordlist at end of each game. Words that are bookmarked are displayed in bookmarked page that can be reviewed later. (Only last 50 bookmarked words are saved) (Available in version 1.2)
    • Use leaderboards to compare your score with top scores.
    There are about 6,000 games in this app and has been getting good reception so far. I hope to reach out to more audience who like word gamesand want to improve their english vocabulary, through this forum.

    Check out our blog at http://atabow.wordpress.com
    The app is free and can be downloaded from zune marketplace.
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    Very addictive and knowledgeable game, word definitions at the end of the game are definitely useful.

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