Yet another WM6.1 sliding panel question

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  1. helltoupee

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    Yet another WM6.1 sliding panel question

    <p>for starters sorry about the caps. some how something got changed and for the life of me can't figure out how to change it back. the really odd thing is it only does it some times. anyways .</p>
    <p>my problem is this. I have chome with the mini weather and monitor . I recently had to do a master reset . before the reset when I would get a sms text my sliding panels would slide to the message panel and a short preview of the text would appear. not usuing sms bubbles or itext. I did use sms bubbles for a week but uninstaled it and still got the sliding panel preview. </p>
    <p>since the master reset I can not remember what I had done or what regedit I had done to get this to function.</p>
    <p>any help with the all caps font thing or the sliding panel problem is greatly appeciated . thanks</p>

    edit - ok this is odd. I posted this and went back to look at it and its not in all caps . but as I type this it is in all caps in a digital lcd clock display type font . might be time for a new master reset ?
  2. PacoJr67

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    you don't need a registry edit for the preview to appear on the homescreen, it's a feature of 6.1 and sliding panels
  3. helltoupee

    helltoupee New Member

    that is what I thought. Any ideas why it won't open when I get a sms ? It use to slide to the panel but now I can only see the preview if I manually got to the message panel. Then it goes top the sms page ect ect. But has stoped doing it automatically.

    Thanks again
  4. helltoupee

    helltoupee New Member

    Ok . I did some more searching and found something about the Font problem. Come to find out that the LCD.tff file in chome mini some times messes stuff up. Rename LCD.tff to LCD.old, soft reset and like the guy said "Bobs your uncle" .

    Still can't find a fix to the sliding panel problem. Back to the Google machine for me .
  5. carz

    carz New Member

    yay he mentioned iText =)

    I wanna do some intensive sliding panel hacking. I want my text messages to be first in the list, and i wanna be able to read more of it

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