Yet another Gmail thread

Discussion in 'Motorola Q' started by SafeHarbor, Feb 3, 2007.

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    Yet another Gmail thread

    Hi, folks,

    Newbie here and to the Q, which I've had for five days. I've been reading about sync, wireless sync, push email, etc. for the last three days, including several forum searches, and I'm not sure that my understanding is INCREASING.

    Here's what I'm wondering - does push email work because the phone is basically syncing over the air all the time? And this uses less battery power than having Messaging (Outlook) checking for email every fifteen minutes or so?

    Well, if that's true, I can get an Exchange account through mail2web for $1.95/month, have their "aggregator" check my gmail account every two minutes, and then PUSH the email gathered to my phone? And then further when I answer, have the SENT BY field showing at the recipient's end as ?

    And this also gets my the other goodies of an Exchange account?

    And I'm Lamar. Pleased to meet you all.

    On edit: Okay, getting the gmail address as the sending address through mail2web isn't going to happen, I see. But getting the mail pushed to my Q would still tell me to go to gmail and answer.

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