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    Yeigo is a free and innovative application for your mobile phone, which uses your phones Internet connection, (don't worry, your phone has one) to offer you free calls, Instant Messaging and cut-price text messages.
    Yeigo allows you to talk whenever you want, wherever you are for as long as you want: because calls to other people using Yeigo are free, and you'll save up to 80% on calls to those who don't have Yeigo.

    You can even Instant Message other Yeigo users for free, as well as users of GoogleTalk, MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ and Jabber - right from your mobile phone. You can also send Text messages to anyone in the world - for up to 90% less.

    Very interesting software, i am currently trying it out for it's IM capabilities... I shall see how it goes. the interface is quite snazzy. Best interface i've seen so far!

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