Xpress Mail Headaches...

Discussion in 'Windows Phone Software' started by Mrrlyn, Jul 17, 2008.

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    Xpress Mail Headaches...

    Okay. Here's whats going on. In an attempt to get multiple hotmail accounts to sync at the same time, I started using the 'new e-mail account' under messaging, and the similar feature when in an account. Eventually (dont know why), it started to just redirect me to windows live out on the net through opera. Anyways, also tried Xpress Mail to do it, and had some some sucess with that (seems to update just fine). The problem arrizes now that I have a bizillion accounts under messaging, from my various attempts to get things working right. You'd think that the ones that arnt hard coded in (MMS, Windows Live, ETC.) you could delete, and the phone seems to think so too, as the delete option is not greyed out, but when I go to delete it, it does nothing (well, the focus shifts back to the "active" mail account. I would love to get these extra accounts off the messaging screen. Any thoughts as to how? Thanks!

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