WMP- decoding MP3s in an ASX stream

Discussion in 'Windows Phone Software' started by jdarpino, Jan 3, 2007.

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    Jan 3, 2007
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    WMP- decoding MP3s in an ASX stream

    Can't seem to do it.

    .WMA files stream w/o any problems, but my MP3s will not.

    I am thinking that my WMP Mobilehas no decoders for streamed MP3s, which is kind of strange because it will decode local mp3 files.

    I am running WMP Mobile version 10.2 Build 14523.

    OS 5.1.70 Build 14523.1.3.0

    If you are successfully streaming MP3s to your Q, please reply w/ your sw versions. I am pretty sure I need a sw upgrade anyhow. Also, any other sw recommendation that might work better than WMP would be appreciated.


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