WMLonglife beta

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    WMLonglife beta

    I've had this on my phone for about a week with no negative effects
    WMLongLife is an automatic 2G/3G band-switching solution. It will keep your device in 2G when you do not need to use 3G, and will switch to 3G automatically when you do need it. For most users, having your device in 2G uses much less battery, and thus your phone lasts longer on a single charge. 2G also usually generates less radiation than 3G, so it will likely be better for your gonads (if you have them) as well (see this thread for a discussion about that) - think of your hypothetical future children!

    Main features
    2G/3G (auto)/3G (only) automatic band switching based on:
    - Running programs and their needs
    - Availability of Wi-Fi
    - Availability of USB
    - Roaming
    Idle data connections disconnect based on running programs (note that unlike the registry tweak this does not break simultaneous voice/data)
    Manual band switching
    Automatically disable data when roaming (including AGPS)
    Pauses applications while switching bands (so you don't get networking errors)
    Several predefined applications supported
    Support for HTC/MSM72xx GSM devices (GSM/EDGE vs UMTS/HSDPA)
    Support for HTC/MSM75xx CDMA devices (1xRTT vs EV-DO)
    Support for various Samsung GSM devices (GSM/EDGE vs UMTS/HSDPA)


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