WM 6.1 ROMs all created equal?

Discussion in 'Samsung Jack' started by VariableSpark, Feb 12, 2010.

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    WM 6.1 ROMs all created equal?

    Hey all,

    I bought an AT&T Jack (i637), and am running it on Rogers (as you may know from my previous thread) on WM6.1. Rogers never sold the Jack, so I had to get the AT&T one. I managed to find a Rogers ROM for the Blackjack 2 (i617, I think?), however for WM6.1. Would there be any significant differences between the AT&T i637 WM6.1 ROM and the Rogers i617 WM6.1 ROM?

    I'd like to install the Rogers ROM to get rid of all the AT&T crap and have all the proper "official Rogers phone" stuff on it. I would then update to WM6.5 through Rogers. Possible, or pipe dream?

    Thanks again,


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