Wireless Sync through SSH Tunnel?

Discussion in 'Windows PC and Moto Q' started by joelshooty, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. joelshooty

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    Wireless Sync through SSH Tunnel?

    Wireless Sync gets hung up by my work proxy/firewall. I can establish a tunnel to my home PC, however I can't seem to get Wireless Sync to use the tunnel to bypass the firewalls.

    Is it possible to use Wireless Sync like this or am I out of luck?
  2. pyrobling

    pyrobling New Member

    Yes you can, but you need to have your IT guy provision the settings to allow it to enter. This cannot be done by a VZW person it HAS to be your work's IT person.
  3. joelshooty

    joelshooty New Member


    Thanks for your reply.

    What settings in particular?

    I was thinking that if I were able to tunnel to my home PC from work (which I can) then I should be able to point the Intellisync software to use the tunnel and, assuming that I had everything set up correctly on the host computer (my home PC) and the client computer (my work PC), I could sync wirelessly that way.

    I read somewhere that the Intellisync software can only utilize an http proxy, so I used squid on the host computer to successfully set up the http proxy. I've verified the proxy works using Firefox and IE7. However, Intellisync still doesn't work. My only thought is that maybe I don't have the correct port forwarding configured on my home router for Verizon Wireless Sync service. Or maybe I have putty configured incorrectly on the client side?


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